Outdoor Dome Archipod Garden Design

This outdoor dome is probably the coolest modern garden room you could own. The ‘fatpod’ by award-winning creators, Archipod is contemporary and innovative. Made to order, you can have it fully set up for a home office with underfloor heating, custom lighting and desk options. It might be futuristic inside but the cedar wood cladding tiles make it a natural masterpiece that blends beautifully into any garden

Step into the future of garden living with our Life Eco Wellbeing Garden House – the extraordinary Outdoor Dome Archipod. Prepare to be amazed by the pinnacle of modern garden room design – the ‘fatpod,’ a creation by the renowned and award-winning innovators, Archipod.

This architectural wonder combines contemporary aesthetics with groundbreaking innovation, offering you an unparalleled experience. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Outdoor Dome Archipod is made to order, ensuring it perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Imagine having a serene home office right in your garden, complete with underfloor heating to keep you cozy and productive throughout the year. Tailor-made lighting solutions illuminate your workspace, setting the ideal ambiance for creative inspiration. Plus, select your dream desk options for ultimate comfort and efficiency.

The future is now within your grasp, yet the timeless beauty of the Outdoor Dome Archipod remains unparalleled. Adorned with rich cedar wood cladding tiles, this masterpiece blends harmoniously into any garden, becoming a natural extension of your outdoor haven.

Embrace the perfect union of nature and cutting-edge technology as you relish the comfort and style of this exceptional garden sanctuary. Elevate your well-being and bask in the seamless integration of innovation and natural splendor. Experience the ultimate garden room with the Life Eco Wellbeing Garden House – the Outdoor Dome Archipod, where your vision of a sustainable and inspiring lifestyle comes to life.


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