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Herbal Healthcare & Laboratory

Herbal Healthcare & Laboratory at Life Eco
Herbal Healthcare & Laboratory

Nature's Remedies, Science's Assurance

This is a professional healthcare that treats various diseases and severe illnesses in Humans/Animals by giving the best herbal/western medical care. Over the past we have visited different less privileged neighborhoods carrying out charity activities, giving of food health supplements, and medication to the sick, and by God, our remedies always have impressive results with our patients.

Life Eco Healthcare is open to everyone as our goal is to render good health to all in any way we can.



We Treat the cases below and more:

All cancers (breast, liver, prostate), Skin disorders, Mental disorders, Stroke, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Kidney, Heart diseases, Leaver, Glaucoma, Sexual weakness, Tumors, Sours, Pain, Asthma, Rheumatism, Hernia, Epilepsy, Dementia, Low sperm count, Sciatica, Physiotherapy and massage and Spiritual cases.

100% discount to all extremely less privileged brought in by Life Eco after satisfactory confirmation.

50% – 60%. Discount for the fewer privileges brought in by families.

10% discount on all medical care given to the no less privileged.

We’re currently building a bigger healthcare to render more of our services and your support is highly needed, as Carrying out such activities on a large scale as we do requires a lot of energy and finances. Kindly donate to support the cause.


Best Herbal Doctors

Our expert herbal medical team and laboratory will diagnose any ailments and apply the best herbal treatment.



Dr. Mallam Tahir, Abdullahi Mai Zuma inherited the gifts of herbal healing from the bloodline and went deeply into herbal practice since his youth days where he helped heal a lot of unbelievable cases.



Doctor Mallam Yusuf Abdullahi Mai Zuma is a son of Dr. Tahir who is gifted naturally in the field as he helped a lot of people heal from severe illnesses, spiritually and otherwise, and it’s always impressive results.
Indeed blessed is this family with miracles and true gifts of nature’s remedies.
We look forward to sharing more of this love and light to the hearts of the world, as from love and light the entire creation was made as our only interest is to strive for the wellbeing of all.



We understand some patients love privacy and home care, so we made available our professional herbal doctors for home services, however, it should be noted that Life Eco Herbal Healthcare is not responsible for the accommodation and meals of the doctor during his stay for home services more than 24 hours.